Hello Neutron Scatterers!

Welcome to the new website of the European Neutron Scattering Association (ENSA).

We, ENSA, represent the scientists that use large-scale research infrastructures that operate a neutron source, like research reactors and accelerator-based spallation sources.

Half of the worlds mass actually consists of neutrons. Half of you consists of neutrons. Neutrons bind together the protons in the core of atoms, and therefore make atoms possible, and the world as we know it!

As scientists we like to liberate such neutrons from atom cores, just because they are such great probes for investigating matter, physics, chemistry and biology. To liberate enough neutrons from atoms, one requires big scientific infrastructures (big, as in not being table-top equipment). ENSA is the pan-European representation of scientist that visit such infrastructures to perform their experiments.

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